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What is Sarbat Khalsa?

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When the Sikhs assemble to discuss an issue affecting the Sikh nation as a whole, the assembly is called The Sarbat Khalsa. Every Sikh is entitled to attend it. Sarbat Khalsa used to meet twice a year on Baisakhi day and Diwali day but the practice became dormant when Ranjit Singh became the king of the Punjab. The practice was revived in 1986 when The Sarbat Khalsa was convened at Akal Takhat (Amritsar) to discuss the implications of the operation Blue Star of June 1984 which resulted in the sacriledge and destruction of the Akal Takhat and holy Sikh Temples at Amritsar and 48 other places. Decisions made at the Sarbat Khalsa are binding on all Sikhs throughout the world.

The last Sarbat Khalsa was convened on Nov 10, 2015 at Village Chabba, Distt Amritsar.

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