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Treasures is right within us

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Sabh kich ghar meh baahar naahi (ang 102)

This has been my feeling at the end of every trip, every holiday.

The weeks before the holidays, we look forward to visiting new places, enjoying new experiences, meeting new people.

But at the end of the trip, the most beautiful feeling is, when you come back home and relax in your favorite spot to have the ‘ਚਾਹ ਦਾ ਕੱਪ’ cup of tea or retire in the comfort of your bed and sleep.

Nothing matches these feelings. And yet, after a few days, all these things will be taken for granted.

The daily chores and the hustle and bustle of work will take over and these very things will be forgotten.
Taken for granted.

Then after a few months, when the boredom kicks in, we will be looking forward to some new places to visit in the holidays.

I know, it’s all in here.
All the happiness, all the peace is right where we are.

‘it’s all right here’.

All kinds of treasures or happiness is right within us, not outside.

Sabh kich – all kinds of happiness
Ghar – self
Meh – within
Baahar – outside
Naahi – isn’t

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