What is Sikhism’s take on Astrology?

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Is Astrology acceptable in Sikhism?

No, the Lord, Akal Purakh Waheguru has himself through the Jot/Light of Guru Nanak and then following all the Gurus has made it clear that the Lord is “Karta Purakh”, meaning He is the Doer of All the Acts.

Guru Amar Dass Ji in Siree Raag on Ang 32 say: ” Aape Kaar Karaisee Awar Na Karna Jae.”, meaning he himself assigns all to their tasks; Nothing else can be done. So if nothing else can be done, then there is definitely no space for any astrology or so called science as well.

When all the tasks are assigned by Lord and He is the Doer, then the only thing that exists is His Will (Hukam). Furthermore, Guru Nanak Dev Ji in Sri Japji Sahib say: “Hukame Andar Sab Ko Bahar Hukam Na Koe”, meaning thereby, that everyone is subject to His Command; No one is beyond His Command, So now if no one is beyond his command, what good can astrology serve?
Also, Guru Granth Sahib ji has outrightly rejected the ‘Stones’ as: ” Na Paathar Bolei Na Kich Dei. Fokat Karam Nihfal Hai Sev. “, meaning thereby The Stone does not speak; it does not give anything to anyone. Such religious rituals are useless; such service is fruitless.
So who controls everthing in this world then? This is the biggest question the humanity is looking for and in that pursuit it has resorted to the biggest myth- “Astrology”! Here is the explanation:
Guru Arjan Dev Maharaaj Sacche Patshaah in Raag Gauree on Ang 182 has said; ” Ja Kei Vass Khan Sultan. Ja Kei VAss Hai Sagal Jahaan”.( meaning: Kings and Emperors are Under His Power, The Whole World is under HIs Power). ” Ja Ka Keea Sabh Kich Hoe. Tis Te Bahar Naahi Koe” ( meaning: Everything is done by His Doing; Other than Him, there is nothing at all. )
So what next? How to get our affairs resolved?
Guru Arjan Dev Maharaaj go on forward in this continuing Shabad saying: ” Kaho Benanti Apane Satgur Paahe. Kaaj Tumaare Deh Nibaahe”. Meaning thereby, Offer your prayers to your True Guru; He will resolve your affairs.
So now, the next question is how can the Guru resolve our affairs because everything is actually in Lord’s Command. Here’s how it is:
Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaaj say in Raag Gond on Ang 864 : ” Gur Parmesar Eko Jaan. Jo Tis Bhaawei So Parvaan. “, meaning thereby Know that the Guru and the Transcendent Lord are One. Whatever pleases Him is Acceptable and approved.
Contribution : Rajdeep Singh (Ludhiana)

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