Chapter IX - Components of Gurdwara Service

Article XIII – Exposition of Gurbani (Sikh Holy Scriptures)

a. The exposition of the Gurbani in a congregational gathering should be carried out only by a Sikh.

b. The object of the exposition should only be promoting the understanding of the Guru’s tenets.

c. The exposition can only be of the ten Gurus writings or utterances, Bhai Gurdas’s writings, Bhai Nand Lal’s writings or of any generally accepted Panthic book or of books of history (which are in agreement with the Guru’s tenants) and not of a book of any other faith. However, for illustration, references to a holy person’s teachings or those contained in a book may be made.

Article XIV – Expository Discourse

No discourse contrary to the Guru’s tenets should be delivered inside a gurdwara.

Article XV – Gurdwara Service

In the gurdwara the schedule of the congregational service generally is: Ceremonial opening of the Guru Granth Sahib, Kirtan, exposition of scriptures, expository discourses, recitation of Anand Sahib, the Ardas (see Article IV (3) (a) above ), the raising of Fateh slogan and then the slogan Sat Sri Akal and taking the Hukam.