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Payo baal budh sukh re

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Payo baal budh sukh re (ang 214)

Payo – I have attained
Baal – child
Budh – wisdom, attitude
Sukh – happiness

I have attained happiness or peace by adapting the innocence of a child.


Never stop learning.
Learn from everyone and everything.
Don’t stop yourself from learning just because the one who’s teaching you is a child.

In fact you can learn some very valuable lessons in life from a child.

Children cry after an injury and soon after start laughing.
Well that’s a lesson for us.

They cry when they are in hunger or uncomfortable.
Simple and non-pretentious.

They eat almost the same food everyday and yet smile.

Learn from children; when they fight, the grudge is not forever. After a while they shake hands, and resume play once again.

Learn from a child; they stand, walk, stumble and fall. And then thry get up again to walk.
Not that we would never fall, not that we will never get hurt again but that’s what we do in life.
We try again and again.

If you are a learner, there will be lessons and inspirations everywhere.

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