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Paraya Chidr Atkalae Apna Ahankaar Vadhavae

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Paraya – of others
Chidr – flaws
Atkalae – complain
Apna – our own
Ahankaar – ego
Vadhavae – increase

We complain about the flaws of others and end up increasing our own ego.


A little vanity, a little weakness is visible in almost every being.
The degree varies, the area where each person succumbs to may be different from the other.

We might never realize our weakness but are able to see the flaws of others with ease.

Yet, what we show others, is always something to be proud about.

Someone’s weakness could be the need to show off their singing talent and gain appreciation, while others feel great when people praise their cooking.

An ascetic calls the flaunting of a rich man’s car as materialism without realising that the ash he has smeared all over his body can be vanity too.

I’m not saying that it’s alright to be vain, but have a little understanding when it comes to the weakness of the other because you may have the same flaw in a different form.

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