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Name the twelve Sikh Misls (regiments).

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1. Ahluwalia (led by Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia)
2. Bhangi (led by Sardar Hari Singh Bhangi.) Also called Dhillon Sardars.
3. Dalewalia (led by Gulab Singh Dalewalia)
4. Faizalpuria (led by Nawab Kapoor Singh Virk)
5. Kanaihya (led by Jai Singh Kanaihya)
6. Karor Singhia (led by Karora Singh Dhaliwal)
7. Nakai (led by Hari Singh Nakai)
8. Nishanwala (led by Dasaundha Singh)
9. Ramgarhia (led by Nand Singh Sanghania)
10. Sukerchakia (led by Nodh Singh.) Ranjit Singh’s Misl.
11. Shaheed (drew their name from Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed)
12. Phulkian (led by Ala Singh)

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