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Kaahey Janam Gavavo Vaer Vivaad

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Kaahey – Why
Janam – life
Gavavo – waste
Vaer – animosity
Vivaad – arguments

Why waste your life in animosity and arguments?


A friend was talking to me about how he was so proud that he had won a huge argument with his younger brother.
He described that both he and his brother have a bad temper and are fiesty with their words,
“You know, the kind you dont want to get into an argument with” he said while laughing.

But the recent name calling argument resulted in both of them not talking to one another for the past year.
But my friend showed no sense of regret in his talk.
He seemed proud that he had ‘won’ the fight.

And a thought came to my mind.
Winning an argument at the cost of losing a relationship is no victory.
It’s a huge loss.
Only if we are able to see that.

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