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Just take the Initial Step

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Once I’m in the shower, I bathe and get fresh.
The trouble is the waking up and walking ten steps into the shower.

Once I switch on the exercise video, I follow to the end.
The tough part is switching it on.

Once I start doing my accounts, I complete them and feel accomplished.
The delay is from my mind that loves to procrastinate.

The mind has too many dialogues to hinder the initiation into doing anything good.
Once you are in the act, you tend to complete it anyways.

I guess that’s what Bhai Gurdas ji meant by taking the initial steps.
That’s the tough part because you have to fight with your mind.

It will make a lot of excuses, give you reasons, procrastinate and so on.

If you can take charge of the initial part…or let the Master inside you take the decision over your mind, you will find a great change in life.


Charan sharan gur ek painda jaye chal satgur kot painda aagey hoye let hain (Bhai Gurdas ji)

Charan – step
Sharan – sanctuary
Painda – path
Jaye chal – go towards
Kot – millions
Aagey hoye – come forward to

If you make an effort to just walk one step towards the sanctuary of the Guru, he takes a million steps to receive you.

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