Jithe bolan haariye tithe changi chup

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Jithae bolan haariyae tithae changi chup (ang
Jithae – where
Bolan – by speaking
Haariyae – we lose
Tithae – there
Changi – better
Chup – silence
Where we lose by speaking, silence is a better
We all have choices.
There is choice we make when we speak.
To hear, we don’t make a choice by moving any
organ. It’s involuntary.
But speaking does require for us to make a
And the best choice is to say the best words, in
the most gentle manner and in the most
appropriate time.
But then comes a time that we feel negative
towards someone and want to say something
I wish we knew before we say it, that we do
have a choice.
Given a choice of being quiet or hurting
somebody with your words, I wish I chose to be
silent than to speak.
Because the unsaid words in my mind are like
the message that I type.
But spoken words are hitting the send button
that I can’t undo after sending.

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