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Je gur jhidhke tan meetha laagae Je bakhshey tan gur wadheyayi

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Je gur jhidhke tañ meetha laagae Je bakhshey tañ gur wadheyayi (ang 758)

Je – if
Jhidhke – rebukes
Meetha – sweet
Laagae – seems
Bakhshey – forgives
Wadheyayi – greatness

If the Guru rebukes me, I can feel the sweetness; if he forgives me, it’s his greatness.


Each movie is a director’s creation and hence each scene of the reel is very dear to the maker.

After the movie is made, comes the editor whose job is to cut out the scenes that are unnecessary and give the movie a final shape.

The relation between the director and editor may not be the most amiable one.
The editor is probably the biggest critique of the director.
And a good director has to be able to listen to the editor.

It’s not easy to listen to the ‘editors’ of our lives.
The Gurus, teachers, parents, children, true friends will tell us about our flaws to make us better. They want the ‘movie’ of our life to succeed.

But we only love praises and only listen to those who give us a good feedback about ourselves.

If you want to succeed in life, be patient and positive towards the ones giving you criticism, honest opinion.
If you chide them, they might not be able to gather the courage to do it again.

Always be humble enough to see your faults and open enough to the editors in life, including the inner one, to shape your life better.

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