Ishq Aaha – A Musical by Jhoom

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Heer Ranjha, Sassi Punnu, Mirza Sahiba, Sohni Mahiwal bask in their carnivalesque glories in a mix of Folk, Qissa, Movement, Qawali, Blues and Nautanki. ISHQ AAHA – A 2 Hour 30 minutes musical which celebrates the tragedy, the comedy and the drama of the stories in a musical production that takes you back and forth through time, unravelling some of the greatest love legends of Punjab.

Artists during the  Hindi/English/Punjabi Play Ishq Aaha in Centrestage 2015 at Experimental Theatre,NCPA on 03/12/2015. Photo By : NARENDRA DANGIYA Centrestage 2015

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“Sahiban, life’s as temporal as a dream. But those who die for love are remembered. Laila, Sassi, and Heer are now revered. Let’s pray before God to give our love a pleasant end” – Hafiz

Barkhurdar Love is everywhere, experienced by everyone in a thousand different forms. But the essence still remains the same. And nowhere does this essence find better expression than in the music of Punjab. The musical takes you on a journey back and forth through time, unravelling some of the greatest love stories of Punjab and re-imagining them like never before. Perhaps, in these motifs, everyone will discover the shades of their own love and longing.

The show is produced by Jhoom –  and the play is written by Purva Naresh, Amitosh Nagpal, Raghav Dutt and Gagan Riar. The directors are Gagan Dev Riar and Sukant Goel.

You can catch ISHQ AAHA at Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai on July 28th and 29th at 6pm and 9pm

You can book the show tickets on BookMyShow – https://in.bookmyshow.com/mumbai/plays/jhooms-ishq-aaha/ET00037877

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