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Ik tujh hi keeye raajey ikna bhikh bhawaiya

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Ik tujh hi keeye raajey ikna bhikh bhawaiya (ang 566)

Ik – some
Tujh hi kiye – you have made
Raajey – kings
Ikna – others
Bhikh – beg
Bhawaiya – wander about

Some have been made kings by You, others have been wandering around begging around.


A famous verse by Mirza Ghalib :

Kabhi kisi ko muqammal jahan nahin milta
Kahin zamin toh kahin aasman nahin milta

No one ever has the entire complete world
Some don’t have the land, some don’t get the sky.

When it comes to desires in this world, everyone is standing in a circle. It seems as if we all standing in a queue where some are ahead of us and some are behind us. But in a circle no one is really ahead or behind.

All are in the middle. Everyone seems to be lacking something or the other.

Whenever you need an inspiration to do better in life, look at the ones ahead of you.
When you feel disheartened, look at the ones behind.

And also remember that it takes no time for situations to change. After all we are all standing in a circle.

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