Ber Baba Buddha Ji


In the circumambulation of Nectar pool, near the main entrance there is one old Beri knows as Ber Baba Budha ji At the time of construction of Nectar Pool and Harimandir Sahib, Baba Budha Ji used to sit under this tree in order to supervise the construction work. He was also supplying the necessary material to the devotees. Under this tree Baba Budha Ji cured Nawab Wazir Khan also.Once Nawab Wazir Khan Governor of Lahore was suffering from dropsy. Many royal Hakims and Vaids tried their best, but disease was deteriorating from bad to worse When the condition of Wazir Khan became very serious he asked his servants to tell him the name of a godly person who could cure him with his spiritual power One of his servants told him about Guru Arjan Dev ji. He informed him that he is a very pious saint and possesses all Divine powers. The people are blessed even by his glimpse. At this time he is living at Amritsar, the new airy constructed by his father Garu Ram Dass Ji.

Wazir Khan at once made his mind to visit Amritsar He reached Amritsar and paid a homage to Gum Arjan Der Ji He told the Guru about his disease, The Guru advised him, “There is one old saint who sits under the shade of Ber tree at the bank of the Sarovar.His name is Baba Budha ji. Go to him and he will alleviate your sufferings” Hearing this.

Nawab Wazir Khan met Baha Budha Ji and informed about his affliction.He also told him that he had met the Guru and the Guru had advised him to contact him. Baba Budha Ji was enraged to hear it. He said, “The Guru is omnipotent who knows each and everything. I am his humble servant l am not competent to heal your ailment. You should meet him,he is all powerful to cure your disease.”

Nawab Wazir Khan again paid reverence to the Guru and narrated him the whole episode. The Guru smiled and casting his supernatural power on him said. “Tell him that I have send you and request him politely.Do not show your royal anthority but consider him as your physician. I hope he will heal your ailings. Wazir Khan again met Baba Budha Ji and bowed in reverence Baba Budha ji asked Wazir Khan to lie on the ground with upward face Then he asked his attendant to bring one bag full of mud Then he placed that bag on the stomach of Wazir Khan. Wazir Khan felt some pain but with in few minutes he became all right When the bag of mud was removed from his stomach, he got up and found that he was completely cured of the disease of dropsy He felt very happy and thanked Baba Budha Ji again and again Baba Budha ji gave one Gutka of Sukhmani Sahib to Wazir Khan and asked him to hear the Paath of Sukhmani Sahib daily.

Later on Wazir Khan became a great devotee of the Gurus and he helped them at very crucial hours.