Gurudwaras Around

There are some other holy shrines around in and around the golden temple complex. These include Sri Akal Takht Sahib, Kaulsar, Ber Baba Buddha Ji,Dukhbhanjani Beri, Har Ki Pauri, Gurdwara Manji Sahib, Gurdwara Thara Sahib, Langar Hall, Shaheed Bunga Baba Deep Singh, Nishan Sahibs, Central Sikh Museum.

Gurdwara Manji Sahib :

Manji Sahib is situated in the east side’of Harimandir Sahib. It is near the building of langar First this place was a garden known as Guru Ka Bagh. When the construction work of Harimandir was on, Guru Arjan Dev ji used to hold a darbar hear. Now a days a very big hall known as Guru Nanak Hall has been constructed here. On the occasions of Gurpurbs thousands of people sit here to hear poetic symposiams and Kirtan Darbars. Katha Vaachak and learned priests address the congregation for many days

Gurdwara Lachi Beri :

Gurdwara Lachi Ber

Near Darshani Deorhi there is a small domed Gurdwara known as Lachi Beri. At this place there is a Ber tree whiah bore fruit of the size of Lachi (Cardamom) Due to this, this Beri had been known as Lachi Beri. When the construction work of the Harimandir Sahib was in progress, Guru Arjan Dev Ji used to sit under its shade to supervise the development works. Historian tell that when Baha Deep Singh sent Bhai Sukha Singh and Mahtab Singh to kill Massa Rangar. then they tied their horses with this tree before going to kill the tyrant. They entered the Harimandir Sahib with such bravery and swiftness that the custodians of Massa Rangar could not imagine their dashing raid. They cut the head of the Massa and taking it drove towards Damdama Sahib with out any resistance. This tree can still be seen near the small shrine.

Gurdwara Thara Sahib (Ath Sath Teerth)

Near Gurdwara Dukh Bhanjani Beri there is a sacred Masonary platform. It was used by Guru Ram Dass ji and Guru Arjan Dev Ji to supervise construction work of the holy sarovar and Harimandir Sahib.It is said that Nawab Wazir khan was also cured here of the disease of dropsy. Baha Budha Ji placed one bag full of Mud at the belly of Nawab.Wazir Khan and he was relieved of the pain of dropsy

Shaheed Bunga Baba Deep Singh :

Baba Deep Singh was a devoted Sikh scholar and head of the Shaheedi Misl. He was also first chief of the Damdami Taksal, a Sikh seminary. When Guru Gobind Singh went to Daccan, he asked him to stay at Damdama Sahib and also advised him to prepare more recensions of Guru Granth Sahib Ji.When Ahmed Shah Abdali demaged Harimandir Sahib and filled the sacred tank with garbage, he vowed to avenge such an ugly act of Afgan invader. He persuaded a large number of Sikhs to march towards Amritsar. When a suicidal squad of 6000 Sikhs reached Tarn Taran he drew up a line and asked the Sikhs to cross that line only if they were willing to lay down their lives All the Sikhs crossed the line and Sikh forces proceeded towards Darbar Sahib. In the fierce battle Baba Deep Singh was wounded in the neck while still four miles away from the city But he vowed to reach the Parikarma of Harimandir Sahib.It is said God blessed hun with Divine power. Baba’s head was almost severed from the body But he gripped and supported his head with one hand and continued killing the enemy with the other hand.At last he reached the Parikarmas of Darbar Sahib The place where Baba Deep Singh placed his head in the circumambulation of Harimandir Sahib, a memorial has been established, which is known as Shaheed Bunga Baba Deep Singh ji All the pilgrims visit this memorial and they bow before it with great reverence. There is also installed a board on which brief history of this place has been written.

Har Ki Pauri (Steps of God)

It is situated on the eastern side of the Harimandir Sahib It is said that Guru Arjan Dev Ji used to sit on this step to contemplate the Name of God. Now the pilgrims seek blessing of God and sip drops of nector from this step of God. But washing of face and hands is strictly prohibited. The platform has been broadened for the facility of the devotees. On the first floor continued Akhand Paaths are recited There is manifested a Guru Granth Sahib Ji which in size is biggest through out the wood .Its page size is 9 feet square and letter size is 3 square inch. It is said that during the construction of Darbar Sahib, the God Himself sat at this place to take part in the construction of Harmandir Sahib

Guru Arjan Dev Ji himself named this site as Har ki Pauri or Step of God.

Nishan Sahibs :

At the time of adoration of Gurgaddi, Guru Hargobind Sahib girded two swords, one sword of Shakti (power) and other sword of Bhagti (meditation) so in this way Guru Hargobind Sahib combined in him Meeri (Royalty) and Peeri (Renunciation), Then as a symbol of Meeri the Guru constructed Akaal Takhat in front of Harimandir Sahib in rder to settle disputes among the Sikhs and also to be used as official secretariat Near Akaal Takhat there are two Sikh flags, keeping in view the idea of Meeri Peeri, one flag was hoisted towards Golden Temple which represented Peeri (Spiritual power) and other of Meeri (Temporal power) was hoisted towards Akaal Takhat. There is also difference of height. The flag of Peeri which flies towards the Harimandir Salub is one foot higher. From this it is quite clear that the Guru ji considered.Spiritual power superior to temporal power. These two flags also make it clear that in Sikhism politics and religion go side by side

Nishan Sahib

Guru Ka Langar (Free Community Kitchen)

First free Community kitchen was started by Guru Nanak Dev Ji at Kartarpur ( Pakistan). The concept of the Guru ka Langar was of evolving a castleless society Guru Angad Dev Ji strengthened this tradition. He made further progress in this respect The management was in the hands Bibi Khivi, wife of thc Guru. She used to look after the provisions, the preparations of the meals and distribution among the people sitting together.Guru Amar Dass ji further consolidated the Langar Tradition and propounded the idea of PehlePangat, Phir Sangat meaning thereby that who so ever visited to meet the Guru should first partake Langar. According to historians. Emperor Akbar and king of Haripur could meet the Guru only when they had taken food in the Langar When Guru Ram Dass Ji started the task of constructing of new city at Amritsar, he also started Guru ka Langar.

Now a big two storeyed building stands near the Guru Ram Dass Niwas. In this building more than four thousand devotees can partake Langar at one time. All the devotees and visitors who come to payhomage to Harimandir Sahib, are provided with free Langar.

Gurdwara Shaheed Ganj Baba Gurbax Singh :

When in december, 1764AD Ahmed Shah Abdali invaded the Darbar Sahib, at that time only 30 Sikhs were guarding the holy Shrines Baba Gurbax Singh was the Jatheder of the thirty Nihangs. Baba Gurbax Singh and his associates fought very bravely and laid down their lives while defending the holy Darbar Sahib A Gurdwara was built to commemorate the martyrdom of these brave heroes This Gurdwara stands behind the Akaal Takhat.
gurdwara baba gurbax singh

Central Sikh Museum

This museum is situated on the first floor of the main entrance of the Golden Temple here are displayed rare paintings of the Sikh Heroes and great men of Sikh history, There is also a rich collection of rare documents, antique coins, manuscripts, old arms and Hukamnaamaas. It is said that lot of material and documents were damaged during the Operation Blue Star

Bungaas :

Bunga name was given to the tall mansions built by Sikh Sardars around Harimandir Sahib. When these Sikh Sardars were visting Amritsar, they used to stay in these bungaas. These Bungaas also provided residence for the pilgrims It is said that 84 Bungaas were constructed by Sardars of different Misals. But the names of all these Bungaas could not be confirmed. Now there are only two Bungaas which has been renovated by the Ramgarhia