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Eh Bhi Daat Teri Daataar

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In the times of adversity we ask a lot of questions that may not have answers to.
We feel that it has been such an easy ride for so many people but why do I have to go through so many troubles?
What did I do so wrong to deserve this?
Is it Karma?
Is the predestined?
Am I supposed to suffer while others just enjoy the benefits they don’t deserve?

I met an inspirational person a few days ago who is a mountain runner.
I asked myself,
“What do runners and climbers get? Why not just relax at home and enjoy the luxuries of life?”

Then I realized that he has better health than most people of his age.

Whenever life gets tough, just keep in mind that it’s the struggle that makes climbers stronger.

There is an inspirational Urdu quote that I simply love
“Tundi-e- Baad-E-Mukhalif se na ghabra, ae Uqaab;
Yeh to chalti hai tujhe uncha udane ke liye.”


“You don’t get frightened of these furious, violent winds, Oh Eagle! These blow only to make you fly higher.”

Always be positive and see good in the worst; an opportunity in bad times and a silver lining in the darkest clouds.


Keteyañ dookh bhookh sadd maar
Eh bhe daat teri daataar (ang 5)

Keteyañ – many
Dookh – distress
Bhookh – hunger
Sad maar – constant abuse
Eh bhi – this too is
Daat – blessing
Daataar – O lord

Many kinds of distress, hunger and constant abuse; all these are your blessings O Lord.

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