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Dhrig jeevan birtha janam gawaya

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Dhrig jeevan birtha janam gawaya (ang 129)

Dhrig jeevan – cursed life
Birtha – uselessly
Janam – human life
Gawaya – wasted

Their lives are cursed; they have uselessly wasted their human lives.


A very dear friend sent this beautiful parable.

“Here is a parable of life for you to ponder on:

A group of tourists is sitting in a bus that is passing through a gorgeously beautiful country; lakes and mountains and green fields and rivers.

But the shades of the bus have been pulled down. The passengers have not the slightest idea what lies beyond the windows of the bus.

And all the time of their journey is spent on squabbling over who will get the seat of honor in the bus.
Who will be applauded.
Who will be well considered.
And so they remained till the journey’s end.”


Life is like that bus journey. The bizarre thing about this journey is, it can end anytime. It’s not like a bus journey that at least has a destination point. Ours, or anyone’s for that matter, could just end without a prior warning.

Then all the goals and struggles that we have sought in our minds would end. Just like that.

And we would have missed the things we could have enjoyed in this little short ride. The songs to sing, the dance and the laughter with the ones we love. ਬੱਸ that’s what life is about.
Don’t waste it.

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