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Bhagat Namdev Ji and Bhagat Trilochan Ji

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“Jin Prem Kiyo Tin Hi Prabh Paayo” – Guru Gobind Singh ji => Pure Love Leads to God

Trilochan awoke early daily just to have sight of Namdev,

Together they would concentrate on the Lord and Namdev would tell him the grand stories of God.

(Trilochan asked Namdev) “kindly pray for me so that if the Lord accepts, I may also have a glimpse of His blessed vision.”

Namdev asked Thakur, the Lord, as to how Trilochan could have sight of the Lord ? The Lord God smiled and explained to Naamdev;

“No offerings are needed by me. Out of my delight only, I would make Trilochan to have sight of me. ”

i am under the total control of the devotees and their loving claims i can never reject; rather I myself also cannot understand them.

Their loving devotion, in fact, becomes mediator and makes them meet me.”

– Bhai Gurdaas Ji in Vaars Bhai Gurdaas on Pannaa 10


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