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Ausar Apna Boojhe Na Iaana

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Ausar apna boojhe na iaana (ang 738)

Ausar – opportunity
Boojhe – recognize
Iaana – ignorant

The ignorant doesn’t recognize his/her opportunity.


We humans can be so funny.
We might take three rounds in a parking lot to find the parking next to the exit but then be delighted to tell others that we ran an extra kilometer on the treadmill.

We live in a society out of the fear of loneliness and then end up fearing everyone around.

We destroy health in pursuit of money and then spend money trying to buy back health.

The people we love the most are most likely to get hurt the most by us.

We live life as if we are never going to die and die as we never lived.

We sacrifice the little moments for a bigger goal not knowing that the goal was to live those little moments.

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