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The amazing philosophy of Karah Parshad

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In the olden times, it was a tradition to distribute sweets during a happy occasion and serve bland during sad ones.

Since the philosophy of Gurbani teaches us to always find the balance between happiness and adversity, Guru ji mixed equal amounts of sugar (sweet) and flour (bland) and advised to distribute at the end of every occasion.

When a child is born we serve Karah Parshad.
If somebody passes away we still serve Karah Parshad.

A reminder that in life happiness and adversity come hand in hand. Don’t get so carried away in joy that you lose your balance when sadness follows and vice versa.

Happiness and sorrow are like the clothes that we wear all the time. After you take off one, the other set follows. Let’s learn how to have a state of mind that can embrace both well.


Sukh dukh doye dar kapdhe pehrey jaye manukh (ang 149)

Sukh – happiness
Dukh – sorrow
Doye – both
Kapdhe – clothes
Pehrey jaye – keep wearing
Manukh – humans

Happiness and sorrow are the clothes that humans alternatively wear in the realm of life.

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