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Eh Bhi Daat Teri Daataar

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In the times of adversity we ask a lot of questions that may not have answers to.
We feel that it has been such an easy ride for so many people but why do I have to go through so many troubles?
What did I do so wrong to deserve this?
Is it Karma?
Is the predestined?
Am I supposed to suffer while others just enjoy the benefits they don’t deserve?

I met an inspirational person a few days ago who is a mountain runner.
I asked myself,
“What do runners and climbers get? Why not just relax at home and enjoy the luxuries of life?”

Then I realized that he has better health than most people of his age.

Whenever life gets tough, just keep in mind that it’s the struggle that makes climbers stronger.

There is an inspirational Urdu quote that I simply love
“Tundi-e- Baad-E-Mukhalif se na ghabra, ae Uqaab;
Yeh to chalti hai tujhe uncha udane ke liye.”


“You don’t get frightened of these furious, violent winds, Oh Eagle! These blow only to make you fly higher.”

Always be positive and see good in the worst; an opportunity in bad times and a silver lining in the darkest clouds.


Keteyañ dookh bhookh sadd maar
Eh bhe daat teri daataar (ang 5)

Keteyañ – many
Dookh – distress
Bhookh – hunger
Sad maar – constant abuse
Eh bhi – this too is
Daat – blessing
Daataar – O lord

Many kinds of distress, hunger and constant abuse; all these are your blessings O Lord.

Rain, Ardaas and Faith

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maer ae prabh saradhhaa bhagath man bhaavai jan k ee paij savaarae ||1||

Faith and devotion are pleasing to my God’s Mind; He saves the honor of His humble servants. ||1 | ( Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Pannaa 982)

Once there was no rain in a particular area for an extended period. The people of that area decided to do Ardas so that their crops are saved. The people gathered together at one place for Ardas. One passing by Sikh Saint stopped there and asked them the purpose of gathering. One of them told the Sikh Saint that that they had gathered here to do Ardas because the crops will be destroyed in the absence of rain. The Saint said that is good but none of you brought any umbrellas or barsatie (rain coats)…. When Waheguru accepted your Ardas then there will be lot of rain. One group leader laughingly said, but we do not know whether it will rain or not. The Saint said,

“How will your Ardas be accepted when you do not have faith in Waheguru” . He told them to go home .

mai thaan dheebaan thoohai maerae suaamee mai thudhh aagai aradhaas || mai hor thhaao naahee jis pehi karo baena(n)thee maeraa dhukh sukh thujh hee paas ||2|| You alone are my strength, and my Court, O my Lord and Master; unto You alone I pray. There is no other place where I can offer my prayers; I can tell my pains and pleasures only to You. H2 || ( Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Pannaa 735 )

Just take the Initial Step

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Once I’m in the shower, I bathe and get fresh.
The trouble is the waking up and walking ten steps into the shower.

Once I switch on the exercise video, I follow to the end.
The tough part is switching it on.

Once I start doing my accounts, I complete them and feel accomplished.
The delay is from my mind that loves to procrastinate.

The mind has too many dialogues to hinder the initiation into doing anything good.
Once you are in the act, you tend to complete it anyways.

I guess that’s what Bhai Gurdas ji meant by taking the initial steps.
That’s the tough part because you have to fight with your mind.

It will make a lot of excuses, give you reasons, procrastinate and so on.

If you can take charge of the initial part…or let the Master inside you take the decision over your mind, you will find a great change in life.


Charan sharan gur ek painda jaye chal satgur kot painda aagey hoye let hain (Bhai Gurdas ji)

Charan – step
Sharan – sanctuary
Painda – path
Jaye chal – go towards
Kot – millions
Aagey hoye – come forward to

If you make an effort to just walk one step towards the sanctuary of the Guru, he takes a million steps to receive you.

A good person doesn’t quit being noble

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Somebody asked Muhammed Ali “In your life as a boxer, what is the one thing that you got tired of the most?”

He said “I hated every minute of training, but I said to myself, ‘Don’t quit.Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.”

The problem at hand does have a solution, don’t quit.

There may be misunderstandings in relationships.
Hang in there, don’t quit.

Your are not the first one to face hardships in life.
Be positive, have faith, don’t quit.

All the training sessions, no matter how hard they seem to be, are the ones that make Champions out of ordinary people.

You have it in you too. Just don’t quit.


Kabir sant na chaadae santayi je kotak milae asant (ang 1373)

Sant – a good person
chaadae – let go
santayi – nobility
kotak – millions
asant – evil doers

O Kabir, a good person doesn’t quit being noble, even if a million evildoers come by.

Treasures is right within us

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Sabh kich ghar meh baahar naahi (ang 102)

This has been my feeling at the end of every trip, every holiday.

The weeks before the holidays, we look forward to visiting new places, enjoying new experiences, meeting new people.

But at the end of the trip, the most beautiful feeling is, when you come back home and relax in your favorite spot to have the ‘ਚਾਹ ਦਾ ਕੱਪ’ cup of tea or retire in the comfort of your bed and sleep.

Nothing matches these feelings. And yet, after a few days, all these things will be taken for granted.

The daily chores and the hustle and bustle of work will take over and these very things will be forgotten.
Taken for granted.

Then after a few months, when the boredom kicks in, we will be looking forward to some new places to visit in the holidays.

I know, it’s all in here.
All the happiness, all the peace is right where we are.

‘it’s all right here’.

All kinds of treasures or happiness is right within us, not outside.

Sabh kich – all kinds of happiness
Ghar – self
Meh – within
Baahar – outside
Naahi – isn’t

Believing in the Guru easier than believing in what the Guru says

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A son used to go to his father every morning and touch his father’s feet.
Before sleeping he would go and massage his father’s legs for half an hour.

On a personal level, the son’s life was in shambles.
He had no job, drank excessively, had been to jail, rehabilitation centers, had a bad temper which landed him brawls.

One day the father said,
“Son, I want you to take care of your life. Have a steady job, eat right, have a calm mind, socialize with people, live well. I’m ready to exchange that with all the honor and love that you give me.”

The son continued both his routines, adoring his father but never following what his father said.

So how would you rate the son, a good or a bad one?

Think about it…what the father wants is what the Guru desires from his Sikh too.

Honoring the Guru or improving your life?
I know ideally it is a combination of both but if the Guru had to pick which one do you think the Guru wants more?

ਗੁਰੂ ਨੂੰ ਹਰ ਕੋਈ ਮੰਨਦਾ ਹੈ ਗੁਰੂ ਦੀ ਸਿਰਫ਼ ਕੋਈ ਕੋਈ।
Believing in the Guru is easier than believing in what the Guru says.


Tudhno nivan mannan tera nao (ang 878)

Tudhno – to you
Nivan – bow, respect
Mannan – obey, follow
Nao – word, teaching

Following what you say is the greatest respect to you.

The amazing philosophy of Karah Parshad

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In the olden times, it was a tradition to distribute sweets during a happy occasion and serve bland during sad ones.

Since the philosophy of Gurbani teaches us to always find the balance between happiness and adversity, Guru ji mixed equal amounts of sugar (sweet) and flour (bland) and advised to distribute at the end of every occasion.

When a child is born we serve Karah Parshad.
If somebody passes away we still serve Karah Parshad.

A reminder that in life happiness and adversity come hand in hand. Don’t get so carried away in joy that you lose your balance when sadness follows and vice versa.

Happiness and sorrow are like the clothes that we wear all the time. After you take off one, the other set follows. Let’s learn how to have a state of mind that can embrace both well.


Sukh dukh doye dar kapdhe pehrey jaye manukh (ang 149)

Sukh – happiness
Dukh – sorrow
Doye – both
Kapdhe – clothes
Pehrey jaye – keep wearing
Manukh – humans

Happiness and sorrow are the clothes that humans alternatively wear in the realm of life.

Ausar Apna Boojhe Na Iaana

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Ausar apna boojhe na iaana (ang 738)

Ausar – opportunity
Boojhe – recognize
Iaana – ignorant

The ignorant doesn’t recognize his/her opportunity.


We humans can be so funny.
We might take three rounds in a parking lot to find the parking next to the exit but then be delighted to tell others that we ran an extra kilometer on the treadmill.

We live in a society out of the fear of loneliness and then end up fearing everyone around.

We destroy health in pursuit of money and then spend money trying to buy back health.

The people we love the most are most likely to get hurt the most by us.

We live life as if we are never going to die and die as we never lived.

We sacrifice the little moments for a bigger goal not knowing that the goal was to live those little moments.

Paraya Chidr Atkalae Apna Ahankaar Vadhavae

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Paraya – of others
Chidr – flaws
Atkalae – complain
Apna – our own
Ahankaar – ego
Vadhavae – increase

We complain about the flaws of others and end up increasing our own ego.


A little vanity, a little weakness is visible in almost every being.
The degree varies, the area where each person succumbs to may be different from the other.

We might never realize our weakness but are able to see the flaws of others with ease.

Yet, what we show others, is always something to be proud about.

Someone’s weakness could be the need to show off their singing talent and gain appreciation, while others feel great when people praise their cooking.

An ascetic calls the flaunting of a rich man’s car as materialism without realising that the ash he has smeared all over his body can be vanity too.

I’m not saying that it’s alright to be vain, but have a little understanding when it comes to the weakness of the other because you may have the same flaw in a different form.

Kaahey Janam Gavavo Vaer Vivaad

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Kaahey – Why
Janam – life
Gavavo – waste
Vaer – animosity
Vivaad – arguments

Why waste your life in animosity and arguments?


A friend was talking to me about how he was so proud that he had won a huge argument with his younger brother.
He described that both he and his brother have a bad temper and are fiesty with their words,
“You know, the kind you dont want to get into an argument with” he said while laughing.

But the recent name calling argument resulted in both of them not talking to one another for the past year.
But my friend showed no sense of regret in his talk.
He seemed proud that he had ‘won’ the fight.

And a thought came to my mind.
Winning an argument at the cost of losing a relationship is no victory.
It’s a huge loss.
Only if we are able to see that.