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Bani of how many bhagats is present in Sri Guru Granth Sahib?

By December 3, 2014Sikh History

The following 15 Bhagats have their bani in Sri  Guru Granth Sahib.

1:Bhagat Kabir Ji

2:Bhagat Namdev Ji

3:Bhagat Ravidas Ji

4:Bhagat Trilochan Ji

5:Bhagat Dhanna Ji

6:Bhagat Sain Ji

7:Bhagat Jaidev Ji

8:Bhagat Pipa Ji

9:Bhagat Surdas Ji

10:Bhagat Farid Ji

11:Bhagat Parmanand Ji

12:Bhagat Sadhna Ji

13:Bhagat Beni Ji

14:Bhagat Ramanand Ji

15:Bhagat Bhikhan Ji

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